Airedale Terrier1 litter3 dogs, 2 bitches
Akita3 litters3 dogs, 8 bitches
Alaskan Malamute3 litters1 dog, 4 bitches
American Akita1 litter2 dogs, 2 bitches
American Hairless Terrier2 litters3 bitches
Australian Kelpie1 litter1 dog, 4 bitches
Australian Shepherd1 litter2 dogs, 1 bitch
Australian Terrier1 litter1 dog
Basset Artésien Normand1 litter4 dogs
Basset Hound2 litters4 dogs, 8 bitches
Beagle3 litters7 dogs, 5 bitches
Bearded Collie1 litter1 dog, 2 bitches
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Groenendael1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Tervueren1 litter2 dogs
Bernese Mountain Dog3 litters3 dogs, 10 bitches
Bichon Frisé2 litters3 dogs, 6 bitches
Bichon Havanais1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Black and Tan Coon Hound1 litter1 dog
Bolognese2 litters3 dogs, 6 bitches
Border Collie1 litter4 dogs, 4 bitches
Border Terrier1 litter3 dogs, 3 bitches
Boston Terrier5 litters2 dogs, 5 bitches
Brazilian Terrier1 litter1 dog
Bulldog1 litter2 bitches
Bullmastiff1 litter5 dogs, 4 bitches
Cairn Terrier2 litters3 dogs
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel5 litters5 dogs, 1 bitch
Chihuahua Long-haired7 litters11 dogs, 4 bitches
Chihuahua Smooth-haired6 litters7 dogs, 4 bitches
Chinese Crested Dog2 litters5 dogs, 2 bitches
Cocker Spaniel8 litters13 dogs, 17 bitches
Collie Rough2 litters2 dogs
Coton de Tuléar2 litters3 dogs, 1 bitch
Dachshund, Standard Long-haired2 litters4 dogs, 2 bitches
Dachshund, Standard Smooth-haired1 litter1 bitch
Dachshund, Standard Wire-haired2 litters3 dogs, 6 bitches
Dalmatian2 litters10 dogs, 2 bitches
Danish-Swedish Farmdog1 litter3 dogs, 2 bitches
Dobermann1 litter2 dogs, 2 bitches
Drever1 litter1 dog, 2 bitches
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Rough-Haired1 litter1 dog
Dutch Shepherd Dog, Short-haired1 litter1 dog, 2 bitches
English Springer Spaniel4 litters9 dogs, 3 bitches
English Toy Terrier1 litter5 dogs
Eurasier1 litter1 bitch
Finnish Hound2 litters9 dogs, 9 bitches
Finnish Lapphund4 litters4 dogs, 7 bitches
Finnish Spitz1 litter3 dogs, 2 bitches
Flat Coated Retriever2 litters5 dogs, 4 bitches
Fox Terrier, Smooth-haired2 litters1 dog, 5 bitches
French Bulldog2 litters3 dogs, 4 bitches
German Hunting Terrier2 litters5 dogs, 2 bitches
German Pinscher1 litter4 dogs, 3 bitches
German Shepherd Dog8 litters10 dogs, 14 bitches
German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat2 litters2 dogs, 5 bitches
Golden Retriever2 litters11 dogs, 2 bitches
Greyhound1 litter3 dogs, 4 bitches
Griffon Bruxellois2 litters1 dog, 3 bitches
Hovawart1 litter2 bitches
Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier1 litter2 dogs, 2 bitches
Irish Wolfhound2 litters2 dogs, 3 bitches
Italian Cane Corso1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Italian Greyhound2 litters4 dogs, 1 bitch
Jack Russell Terrier13 litters30 dogs, 33 bitches
Japanese Chin2 litters2 dogs, 3 bitches
Kishu3 litters8 dogs, 6 bitches
Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), black and brown2 litters4 dogs
Kleinspitz (Miniature Spitz), other colours1 litter1 bitch
Labrador Retriever14 litters25 dogs, 23 bitches
Lagotto Romagnolo4 litters11 dogs, 3 bitches
Manchester Terrier1 litter1 dog
Maremma and Abruzzese Sheepdog1 litter3 dogs, 3 bitches
Medium Size Poodle, black, brown and white2 litters7 dogs, 3 bitches
Miniature Bull Terrier1 litter1 dog
Miniature Pinscher2 litters1 dog, 2 bitches
Miniature Schnauzer, black and silver3 litters6 dogs, 3 bitches
Miniature Schnauzer, pepper and salt3 litters4 dogs, 2 bitches
Miniature Schnauzer, white1 litter4 dogs, 1 bitch
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), black and brown4 litters2 dogs, 2 bitches
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), other colors5 litters8 dogs, 4 bitches
Mittelspitz (Medium size Spitz), white2 litters2 dogs, 2 bitches
Newfoundland1 litter3 dogs, 5 bitches
Norrbottenspitz2 litters3 bitches
Papillon5 litters3 dogs, 2 bitches
Parson Russell Terrier3 litters4 dogs, 4 bitches
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen1 litter5 dogs, 1 bitch
Pharaoh Hound1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Pug2 litters1 dog, 5 bitches
Puli, other colors2 litters2 dogs
Rottweiler2 litters4 dogs, 4 bitches
Russian Toy Short-haired2 litters5 dogs, 1 bitch
Russkaja Tsvetnaja Bolonka2 litters4 dogs, 4 bitches
Saluki1 litter2 dogs
Samoyed1 litter3 bitches
Schapendoes1 litter1 dog
Schipperke1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Sealyham Terrier1 litter1 dog
Shetland Sheepdog5 litters7 dogs, 7 bitches
Shih Tzu1 litter2 dogs, 2 bitches
Short-haired German Pointer1 litter4 bitches
Skye Terrier1 litter5 dogs, 3 bitches
Sloughi1 litter1 dog, 1 bitch
Spanish Waterdog1 litter1 dog
Standard Poodle, black, brown and white1 litter3 dogs, 4 bitches
Swedish Elkhound1 litter1 bitch
Tibetan Spaniel17 litters21 dogs, 19 bitches
Tibetan Terrier2 litters1 dog, 3 bitches
Toy Poodle1 litter2 dogs
Welsh Springer Spaniel1 litter1 dog
West Highland White Terrier1 litter2 dogs
White Swiss Shepherd Dog1 litter4 dogs, 4 bitches
Wolfsspitz (Keeshond)1 litter5 dogs
Volpino Italiano4 litters5 dogs, 7 bitches
Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)6 litters6 dogs, 4 bitches
Total269 litters828 puppies